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Bora Bora Island...

Arinie ade mood nak berangan kejap.. Tu pon lepas di'remind'kan oleh cik abg saye pasal our honeymoon planning.. *bende tu pon boleh lupe kan? ish3*

Takk..bukan ape...sometimes our dreams tu bnyak sgt smpai lupe which one yg nak pegi.. come on la syg.. byk tempat kot kite kate nak pegi..sebab tu bole lupe.. huhuhuhu.. yg plg i ingat pun, Pulau Langkawi n Pulau Redang ade la.. Muehehehehe~ *sile jgn backhand saye..*

Okeh back to story, apa itu Bora Bora Island? ianya adalahhhh sejenis pulau yang dikenali sbg Pulau Bora Bora.. Hahahaha! Meh le kite mengopipastakan anything about this Bora Bora Island... Sile bace maklumat selanjutnya di bwh yer... segala pertanyaan anda akan kami layankan ajeee...

Dreaming of A Vacation in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora holds such mystery and beauty that for many people it remains a dream. A mythical place, too fairytale-like to really exist. But paradise is here on earth and it is more beautiful than the postcards!

Romantic resorts make Bora Bora even more alluring. Thatched-roof villas and over-water bungalows, nestled along stunning beaches, offer luxury in paradise. White sand beaches surrounding the lagoon welcome you into warm water to swim and explore with your snorkel for hours. Warm sunshine and tropical scents lull you into island relaxation.

There is something for everyone.

 Divers plunge into crystal clear depths with graceful sharks and manta rays. Snorkellers swim and spy on tropical fish in the coral gardens. Try parasailing, and marvel as the water melds from aqua, to azure, to sapphire blue.

Cycle the island circle road enjoying the fragrance of frangipani.

For a change of pace, paddle through the sheltered, shallow water. Or scoot across the enchanting lagoon on a jet ski. Or enjoy a boat tour around the island and feast your eyes on the changing shape of Mt Otemanu. To enjoy a taste of islander hospitality, select one that offers a motu picnic.

Want to explore the inner savage island? Ride to it's centre in a 4WD and hike into the Forbidden Valley of the Kings.

This is the perfect place to do nothing. 

 Bathe in the Tahitian sunshine. Linger over fine dining in restaurants overlooking the ever-fascinating lagoon.

Eat with locals at beach-side roulettes to savour the Polynesian spirit.

Lovers can shop for exotic black pearls and take a memory of the island's beauty back home with them.

At sunset, relax and sip coconut lime cocktails.

Bora Bora is the perfect tropical island holiday or honeymoon vacation. The ultimate setting for a romantic wedding abroad. You can do as much or as little as you want...while soaking up the ambience of the most beautiful island in the world. It's on many people's 'wish list'. You deserve to see it once. But be aware! Some who venture here find themselves returning again and again.

Yes, this distant isle remains a slice of true South Pacific.

Lush vegetation and fragrant, tropical flowers adorn valleys and hillsides. Locals set up small roadside stalls to sell tropical fruits and the (fish) catch of the day. It contrasts with other more familiar island destinations that bustle with crowds and high-rise development.

I found Paradise and it's beauty keeps calling me back.

This site shares insights to guide your Bora Bora travel planning and pack your precious vacation days with thrilling memories. Choose the best resorts for you. Find the most delicious and best value places to eat. Know the most interesting sights and activities, before you go. This will give you more time for lounging on Bora Bora beaches.

Okeh ini utk syg saye! Honeymoon package!

Ready made Tahiti Vacation Package or Design your own?

A variety of pre-designed Tahiti packages are available by destination, resort or activities. Honeymooners can select from many available 'ready-to-go' packages or can work with an agent to create the perfect custom honeymoon. Some websites even let you tailor your own package, online, with all their available 'add-ons'.

Best value Tahiti Vacation
Tahiti is a great choice for your honeymoon for many reasons! Did you know that having your honeymoon in Tahiti will be the best value Tahiti vacation you can have in your life time? 

The great thing about Tahiti honeymoon packages is that you can bundle in everything and make your whole vacation time away smooth and easy. You might even want to get an all inclusive Tahiti honeymoon package. That way, everything is taken care of before you leave home, and you can truly relax and enjoy your first holiday together as husband and wife. With no hiccups! 

Tahiti Honeymoon Packages by resorts
The resorts of Tahiti and Her Islands are some of the most dreamy, luxurious resorts in the world. They're unique, and will be unlike any other hotel you have stayed in. Over water bungalows are the favorite choice of honeymooners in Tahiti. What is so special about an over water bungalow? They are your own private sanctuary over the lagoon, perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Honeymoons with the one you love only happen once. Grab the opportunity to indulge your sensuality in one of these enchanting villas over the water!

The most popular honeymoon spot in Tahiti is Bora Bora. The resorts here are romantic, tropical playgrounds for honeymooners. Each beautiful Bora Bora resort is special. Choosing one is a not an easy task! Do you want to snorkel from your over water bungalow? Is a view of Mt Otemanu important to you? Or do you want to avoid having too many kids at your honeymoon resort! Have a look at the Bora Bora resorts and what they have to offer.

First choose the luxury resort you want to be pampered in for your perfect honeymoon in Tahiti. Next you can look at the packages that are available, consult with a Tahiti travel specialist, or design your own package with the help on this site.
Tahiti Honeymoon Packages by Activities

Are you an adventure lover? Love hiking? Horse riding? Or a passionate diver? There is a Tahiti honeymoon package for you. If these interests will help make your Tahiti honeymoon the trip of a lifetime, make sure you find a Tahiti honeymoon package that includes them.

For example, if the scenery under the water excites you, and you would like to do a lot of diving in Tahiti, choose an island that has plentiful dive sites.

Or if you are dreaming of sailing on a yacht with your loved one, and want dramatic places to anchor, there is an island perfect for that!

A honeymoon lunch set up on the beach in Bora Bora

Sekian Terima Kasih....

Selamat Bercuti ke Bora Bora~


Anonymous said...

Tapi kan selalunya kita bcuti mesti fkir tentang mkanan die yg halal atau tidak..bora2 adalah satu tmpt yg berada dluar negara..xkan kita nak bwak mkanan dlm tin pergi honeymoon or bcuti kesana..

Nia Bahri said...

If im not mistaken, we can request from the management pasal food.. my friend's uncle told me once before, there's no problem at all pasal food kt sana for all muslim like us sbb ada malay chef yg dorang hire jugak..;)

fuat sani said...

Sy ada buat pkej ke Maldives. Kepulauan cantik & mewah setara dengan Bora - Bora juga. Cantik sgt 😘

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