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Sentimentalism / Love ???

Arinie…….. nak cerita pasal SENTIMENTAL…ape tuh sentiment? Sentimental? Sakit mental?? Apa itu love and ape2 yang sama waktu dengannya. So kawan2! Let’s check it out!

SENTIMENTALISM, or in other words, romantic longing, makes itself known most often under the guise of “love”. For example, the romantic nationalists claim to love their country, for which reason they are hostile or even aggressive towards other nations. Or, we may consider a young man in love with a girl whom he turns into the sole focus of his life: what leads him to write her poetry saying “I Love You”, and to become obsessed with her to the point of suicide, and, in fact, to “divinize” her, is the notion of “love”.

Bibirku tanpa sedar mengukir senyum sumbing. Ecewahh.. Dah macam hikayat ala-ala Laila Majnun, Romeo Juliet ler pulok kan.. Sanggup meredah lautan api dan bercerai badan dan nyawa.. Hurmm..~ Interesting! Okeh sambung lagi..

As for the majority of people, they think that every emotion to which the name of “love” is ascribed is virtuous, pure, and even holy, and that examples of romantic longing, such as what we have mentioned above, are perfectly acceptable.

Yeah! betol3.. Kenyataan dalam dunia zaman sekarang nie..

Love is indeed a wonderful emotion, accorded to humanity by God, but it is important to distinguish whether that love is real or not, and to consider who it is directed to, and what sentiments it is founded on.

Hurmm…macam mana tu agak2 ek??

Such investigation should make apparent the difference between a sentimentalism that leads to perverse love, and real love, as revealed to us by God in the Quran. These issues we will examine in this book. But first, by way of preliminary information, let us give the meaning of love as it founded in the Quran.

Okey.. Go on..

According to Quran, love is to be shown to those who deserve it. Those who do not deserve it are not to be loved. We are even to distance ourselves from them emotionally or, at least, to not feel inclined towards them. But those who deserve love deserve it because of their virtue. The only being who deserves absolute love is God, who created us all. God brought us into existence; proffered us with the countless blessings we enjoy, showed us the way, and promised us an everlasting paradise. He helps us out of every anxiety and graciously hears our every call. It is He who feeds us until we are satisfied, cures us when we are ill and then restores our spirits.

Dan hanya orang2 yang cetek pemikiran je yang akan rasa cinta antara lelaki dan perempuan tu are almost everything. Kalau berkecai yang itu, tanda berkecailah dunia. Manusia…memang kadang2 lupa. Hurm..tak terkecuali aku.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Tuhan masih sayangkan aku.. Masih punya kesempatan untuk kembali bangkit meneruskan hidup dengan semangat baru..hidup baru..suasana baru..dan….pakwe baru. Eheeheeh~ Putus cinta antara lelaki dan perempuan bukanlah penamat segala2nya kan.. So? Have chill la babeh.. Tuhan tu Maha Adil lagi Bijaksana.. Dia yang menentukan perjalanan hidup kita. So pe lagi kan.. Live! Life! Laugh! Laaaa.. Ngeehehe~ and of course, most of all.. Beribadatla selagi ada waktu terselit di segenap urat nadi untuk terus bernafas di muka bumi nie.. Jangan sekali2 melupakan kewujudan-Nya. Lalai dah memang lumrah manusia..tu sebab la kena beringat selalu… Bercinte2 gak..Tuhan jangan lupa.. InsyaAllah~
And………… memandangkan M.I.C saye dah call..maka terbantutlah penulisan kita pada hari ini… Nak tao lagi? Silelah gali dengan lebih lanjut secara persendirian…

Assalammualaikum! Chiao!

Love letter #11

Dear Sayang,
3 months has passed since you became my lover..
 You have never betrayed me or left me for another..
 You are my true love, and as your heart beats so does mine..
 With you I can fly, I can touch the moonlit sky..
 I can soar over every mountain, swim in every sea..
 I jump for joy inside every time you say you love me..
 I love you too my HONEY BOO, from the depths of my very heart..
 I cannot bear to be without you, Don't want us to be apart..
 And I know there have been hard times and to see you suffer, I just want to die..
 Want to see you smile forever, within your hearts content ..
 You are my one true my love, my whole heart beats for you..
 I want to hold you in my arms forever, Your my one true desire..

December's arrival..

Oyeah! Suda tiba! Even dah 5 hari berlalu...baru hari nie excited nak expose the arrivals of December! My most favourite month of a year..why3?? Sebabbbbbb...

* It's time for me to say gudbye for the rest months..
* It's the end of a year...
* Y-E-S..cube teka apakah itu... it's Year End Sales la babeh! Ouh shopping!!
* It's my baby birth month on the 3rd day of it..(no presents...just wishes..sorry sayang..better luck next year..huhu)
* It's my beloved abah and kakak birthday on 15th and 19th..
* Musim salji on Christmas eves... even xdapat nak sentuh2 salji + kutip adiah from Mr.Santa pun kat Mesia nie kan...but still suka sebab it's only on December!
* It's the time to remembering the year on any achievement through out the days, losing and finding times, and whatever...ouh december please treat me well..
* I want to leave all the pains which comes along the year..and throw it far2 away...
* And the most important thing is, it's my BIRTHDAY on 26th!!

Okeh...dats all..babai! *geez..*