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I fell in love with Italy...

Kenapa Italy? Sebab..orang kate Itali adalah sebbuah negara yang sangatttt cantik. Well, actually aku jatoh chenta ngan Encik Italiano nie after bace novel "Aku yang Kau Tinggalkan"... Novel nie sangattt best! Yang menarik ialah, nama karakter heroin novel nie, NIA! haha~

Italy... 1st, from novel.. 2nd, from drama Love, Nora..xoxo.. Gosh! memang sangat cantik! It such a wonderful country..lovely..full with romance..memang antic and vintage plus classical sgt2.. Aku xtao sangat pape pasal Itali nie but ape gunenye internet mudah alih berukband abah den nie kan kalo x bole menyumbang bakti sebarang due kasi search pasal Itali nie ye dok? huhu~

Italy: Places to go?
* Rome

* Turin

* Verona

* Milan

* Tuscany

* Venice 

Italy memang sgt menarik perhatian sanubari aku! Banyak tempat yg very the..............speechless..~ Oh berukband tersayang..thnx for ur kindness for searching the information about this Italy nice places.. memang excited gile la bile tengok and bace info pasal negara Italy nie...huhu~

Wallah!! Dapat pergi 1 of these places pon da kire okeh tao! Bile bole pergi nie? Nak stand-alone ke, family vacation ke, honeymoon ke, or BFF vacation? haaa... X kesa la... Mane2 yg dpt dulu..janji pergi Italy! X sabaaaaa....!!

Poso jang Poso..... Selamat lah yoo...huhu~

Pagi sok da bole start bangun sahurrr utk yg pertame kalii...oyeahh~

Haaa...yang ini xmo yer....

Sedang menunggu waktu untuk melancong! LOVE IT!

Haaa....semenjak due menjak baru balik dari Penang nie...Aku sedang sangatttt la excited untuk pergi bercuti lagi... Actually it's not really bercuti la sangat kann coz juz pergi untuk 1 hari saje semate bershopping n release tensen skett... Bese la..wif my mom... tapi mmg kami sgtttttttttt la gile bershopping! Byk sggt bag2 yg cantik2 kt George Town... MURAH! mls nak upload pic bag2 tuh sumer... hihi... Ok! back to the topic....

Aku sedang dlm perancangan untuk pergi bercuti dengan kawan2.. family? susah nk set up plan vacation wif my family coz abah aku sgttt la busy orangnyer.. So, among my sizta, my abg ipaq n my mom itu mungkinn lahh.. So, dgn kakak aku n abg ipar mereka bercadang untuk bercuti dkt pulau... But still not confirm yet nak gie pulau apa..... Location between Pahang or Terengganu... Moh kite tgk ape yg best dekat Pahang n Terengganu..

Pulau Tioman
*Bole snork n scuba diving...
*Marine Park
*Rock climbing
*Duty free SHOPPING!
*Mcm2 lg...

Teluk Cempedak
"Teluk Cempedak, literally translated as ‘Jackfruit Bay’, is like Pahang’s very own Californian boardwalk, which is a favourite to the locals. Located just 5km from Kuantan, it is an enclosed bay, suitable for water sports like swimming, surfing, sun-bathing, sailing, and jet skiing." 

Along the beach lines pine trees and provide great spots for picnics or merely just sitting around enjoying the view. There are even rocky capes with the South China Sea waves lapping against it; perfect private corners for friends and couples who would like a little more space to themselves.

About 5km away on either side of Teluk Cempedak are the fishing villages of Tanjung Api and Beserah. On a good day, you can see fisherman out at sea on their tooting boats, waiting for the catch of the day.

At the seafront, numerous restaurants and food stalls serve a wide variety of food and beverage for your day out at Teluk Cempedak. There is even a McDonald’s drive-thru! There are also stalls set up selling trinkets for little kids to be happy with for the day at the beach with their mommies and daddies.

Take a stroll on the wooden walkway that connects Teluk Cempedak to Teluk Pelindung nearby, where waves crash up on the rock promontories there. As the name suggested (pelindung means ‘protector’ in Malay), it is a private bay away from the more bustling Teluk Cempedak. Families and friends can have their own private picnics there, and going for dips in the waters.

The nearby jungle area provides a quick introduction to Malaysia's flora and fauna, with a few different species of plant life, insects and other small animals inhabiting the limited space. Beware of the macaques, as they can be quite a nuisance! 

Rumah api teluk cempedak...err..BLUR!! 

Mini Greatwall!

Pulau Redang
Pulau Redang has the largest breeding population of both green turtle and hawksbill turtles in Terengganu, with nestings occurring on the sandy beaches of the island.

 Pulau Redang, the biggest of all Terengganu islands in the marine park, is perfect for snorkelling, suba diving, jungle trekking, boating and canoeing. Ranked among the best in the world, it abounds with marvelous marine fishes, turtle and coral reefs that ensure great snorkelling and scuba diving.

 Okehh...itu antare pulau yang aku nak cadangkan kat kakak n abg ipaq...So u ols... Pilih ler...hoho...kalo ade cadangan laen nnt saye usulkan okehhh...

N ini antare location yang aku nak gie travel standalone...or juz among my best'est..Atreera Rahman.. Aku x suke pergi ramai2 even it shud be more exciting rite? But aku x suke kottt.. Less people is more fun to me because aku rase lebih tenang....hehe...around 3 or 4 org pon is gud enough for me...So, ini adalah antare tempat yg aku nakkkk sgt pergi la dlm waktu terdekat nie...

Pulau Pinang



 Huii...sangatttttttttttt x sabarrrr nak pergi melancongg!!